New Intern Beach Party

The chiefs and residents hosted a great cook out and beach day at Bellows. There is not only a beach, but also a playground. That in Hawaii is a huge deal. Unfortunately, the break was right on shore, so the kids couldn’t be as independent as they like when swimming. We had great food, fun…

Walk on the Beach

One of the perks of living close to the beach is taking an evening walk. 🙂

Friendship Garden Trail

Team Jannings did a super easy hike today in Kaneohe called the Friendship Garden Trail.  Thanks be to God for bug spray!

Books, Cute Kid, and Jobs Jar

FYI: This post is RANDOM! Here’s our latest book haul the kids chose. Bug and Little Miss do such a great job of listening to chapter books. I am really impressed by them!   This cute kid is on the verge of a language explosion (for toddlers anyway – more syllables and such). He keeps…

Time for Shots!

One downside of moving – a lot – is that you don’t have a regular physician. Our kids got behind on their vaccines. Bug was one visi behind, Little Miss was one visit behind, and Hugglemonster was four visits (eep!). So today we got updated by one visit – so more vaccines for the littlest…

School and Windward Mall

To fill some of our days, we’ve been doing some Montessori-inspired activities and gross motor activities at beaches and hiking trails. Although, when we a day where is actually rains all day, we opt for the mall’s new soft-structured play area.

1-2-3 Saimin in Hawai’i

Team Jannings officially has library cards! One of the many books we checked out is 123 Saimin in Hawai’i. After the many, many read throughs, Charlie asked of we could make saimin – one of his FAVORITE dishes here. So we did our best at following the ingredients in the book.

Ko ‘Olina Lagoon

This is definitely a place we are going to frequent! There’s shade in the grassy areas and there are few – if any – waves. So perfect for Hugglemonster! And here’s a snapshot of 2014 and 2016. They are getting so big!

4th of July 2016

Our first parade in Kailua! Book Lady took tons of photos and cried when seeing all veterans, especially the World War II vets. Some of the floats the kids enjoyed the most were the ones with bubbles, a giant clown fish, mermaids, water-squirters, and with people who handed out ice pops.

The End of Easy Street

So far Doc has been enduring a month full or orientation activities: lectures, simulations, exams. Not fun, but a light schedule that typically got him home early – or had full days off. As of tonight, Doc has his first twelve-hour shift. It’s the end of easy street.

Kawainui Marsh

This was a super easy trail: paved the entire way! Kawainui Marsh will probably be a favorite running spot for Team Jannings.